Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Holiday confusion?

Well not really, since Goodwill always sells leftover holiday items after that holiday.  But it's still very weird seeing these Valentine candies nearly seven months after that holiday.  Are these things still edible? Goodwill should start getting Halloween stuff soon  and I shudder to imagine them mixing these leftover Valentine candies with Halloween candy and somehow throwing the bags of candy in with tea lights, feather boas, baseball caps, Halloween cards and the other stuff that gets placed on the tables,  alongside racks of marked-down costumes from Target along with old graduation robes and used ninja costumes without the swords.   These should all be up soon.  I hope not to see these leftover Valentines candies mixed with whatever Halloween candy the Goodwill sells, and I hope no one tries to pass out Valentines candies on Halloween night.  Will the kids go for such a thing?  Or do they even notice or care about such things?

And come December they will be selling leftover Halloween candy as customers await the Christmas season. I've seen this happen in seasons past.   Are people going to buy the Halloween candy then, two months later or ten months early, depending on how you choose to see it.   I don't even understand why some stores begin stocking Halloween candy at the end of August, before all other Halloween items.  Is anyone going to buy it that early if it's not for their own consumption?  Can you really keep it safe until the end of October? Can you hide things from yourself?   I can't even buy Halloween candy a week earlier without feeling to eat any or all of it myself before the event.  It just doesn't seem to make sense to get the candy in stock so soon before decorations and costumes and other non-edible items.

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