Thursday, September 29, 2011

Began decorating today

Lights and other window decorations are up for now.  Tomorrow after work I will get up the outside stuff up.  The last two years I put up the decorations the Sunday before the first of October in order to have them up for all of the month. Both times I had to endure very hot late-September weather as I decorated.  This past Sunday, however, I was too tired and the weather was a little dark, making it undesirable to want to do any decorating.  Besides, since October 1 is on a Saturday this year, putting the stuff up tomorrow seemed like good plan, since I will be off that day. Unfortunately, though I normally have Sunday off, I have to work this Sunday :-(  I also have to do laundry this weekend and go to the grocery store.  Looks like a busy weekend ahead.

I pulled out my jack-o-lantern bags and my new ghost bags in order  to set them up tomorrow afternoon.  I fill these with crumpled newspaper.  This gets my hands quite black and I have to wash them many times.

Another shot from another angle. 
A neighbor's window decoration
For the last few years I have been one of the first, if not THE first, to decorate for Halloween. However, this year, one of my neighbors in my mobile home park has already put up decorations, at least in their windows. I noticed it about a week ago when I was leaving early in the morning for work. The lights were turned on since it was still a bit dark. However, I was only able to photograph them during daylight one day this week.  As far as others in the park and decorating goes, I have not seen any others as of yet but I have yet to look.

Will be getting pictures of my decorations on my blog once they are complete.

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