Friday, September 30, 2011

Decorations up!

I just spent about half an hour crumpling newspapers to stuff my pumpkin bags that I've had for years now and the new ghost bags I bought just this week at Goodwill.  Below are some photos of these on my porch as well as the lights on the windows that went up last night.  I was glad the first is on a Saturday this year so I could out the stuff up the night before.

A neighbor across the street complimented my display as I was putting the last bags out.
Window lights taken without the flash to look spooky

Another spooky shot done without the flash. 

I balanced some of the pumpkin bags on the railings

See the new ghost bags

Close-up of the ghosts against the large pumpkin bag

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  1. Cool! The wife and I are still looking forward to the day when we have a house of our own so we can decorate outside as well as in...