Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Drawing a Blank

“ ospreyjae:
“ ““I’m drawing a blank…” ”
I haven’t participated in MLWeek yet, but when @madelinelime told me it was pun day and since I couldn’t fall asleep at 2am, I decided I wanted to draw something 8D I don’t have my tablet with me so...

This week, I've felt like I'm drawing a blank on what to blog about. This picture pretty well illustrates how I'm feeling right now.  Though I have done some bits of eating on my memoir, and want to try working on something new, particularly more on my dairy novel, since I haven't done much on that one for a while. 
Tonight is the next meeting of my memoir writing class. The instructor will be going us back printed copies of our mini-memoir drafts that we sent by email. Also today, I will be doing art and cooking at the center, so you can see I've got a long day ahead. 


  1. Love the drawing! I've drawn blanks for blogging plenty of times:)
    You do have a full day. I hope it's pleasant and productive.

  2. You do have a lot on your plate.
    You draw as well? Wow.
    And sometimes I think that our brains are quietly working away in the background when we think we are blank.
    Good luck.

    1. No, I did not draw that picture.

    2. I have done some drawing though. Just not recently.