Saturday, June 24, 2017

This Year In Reading So Far

It's coming to the end of June, and every year since 2015, I have been doing a mid-year post on how much I have read so far. I still can't believe the year is nearly half-over.  It just happens too quickly 😍.

According to my Goodreads profile, I've read 133 books so far this year. This includes picture books that I binge-read, either at the store or at the library, without buying  or borrowing them. It's easy to do this since picture books are so short. And this brings me to another thing. ...

Aside from the seasonal Spring Bingo and Erin's Book Challenge 6.0 (which ran from January to April), so far I've completed the following reading challenges I signed up for this year (and just in time to start Erin's next challenge beginning on July 1):

What's in a Name? I always seem to finish this one first! There are always only six categories.

What's In A Name 2017 logo

Wild Goose Chase A new one this year. Only seven books are needed.


Alphabet Soup  I counted the first book I read that began with each letter off the alphabet.


Color Coded Another favorite. It only has nine categories.


Back to the Classics In only the first six months of the year, I've completed all 12 categories (you are not required to complete all of them).

Picture Book Reading Challenge  Since I binged on picture books, I finished this one in six months, completing all the bingo card spots. 

As far as other checklist and bingo-style challenges go, there are too many to mention, but there are two or three for which I have only one to three books left.  Several of these have categories like "a book from your childhood,"  something I'm trying to decide on. I now want to re-read several books I once read a a child. So many to choose from.

I'm trying to decide when to end some of my open-ended challenges--those with ether a maximum level (on many of those I've already gone over the max) or those with no official level.  The Mental Illness one, I definitely want to continue, since that is a subject close to me.  On some of the open-ended ones, I have only read one book to date. 

My progress on the ones I'm hosting:

Literary Loners:  36 books so far. No set levels on this one

Literary Loners Reading Challenge 2017 

Epistolary Reading Challenge: Again, no set levels, and 22 books to date. 

10 Epistolary Books To Add To Your Winter Reading List
Epistolary Reading Challenge 2017

Humor Reading Challenge: This one has levels and I'm way past the highest one, with 25 books to date. 

Illustration: A comedy mask reads a book.
Humor Reading Challenge 2017

Memoir Reading Bingo: I have completed 20 of 25 spots on the Bingo Card: - bingo card generator

Nearly every year, when I join challenges, the blog(s) hosting some of them seem(s) to get deleted by midyear, leaving me to decided when to call off the challenge in question.  I always get annoyed by this happening.  This has happened to two challenges hosted by the same blog this year. The hosting blog keeps changing domain names, then disappearing completely (and the blogger was one of those who joined my memoir challenge).   The two are the Paranormal Challenge and the Creativity Reading Challenge.  I've gotten into reading supernatural tales, especially in October in anticipation of Halloween. I must admit I've slacked a bit on this one, but am uncertain whether to continue.  The Creativity one is a very interest topic and I see some books I want to read that would count, but am uncertain whether to keep going on this one either. 

I can't seem to decide what my favorite read this year so far has been. Though I did get into reading Wallace Stegner.  And I did enjoy reading Wallace Thurman's  The Blacker the Berry.   And I got to read more by Elizabeth Wurtzel. 

I'm now looking forward to more reading for the rest of the year and seeing what challenge(s) I complete next. 



Sandra Cox said...

When it comes to voracious diverse reading, you are the woman! Kudos.
Have a great weekend, Jamie!

Elephant's Child said...

I too read cross genres. And have a weakness for children's books, memoirs, diaries, letters...

Jean Davis said...

That is a lot of books, and a wide variety too! Very impressive that you've finished many of these challenges already this year.

I need to make more time for reading. I get caught up in writing and have a hard time leaving my world for someone else's sometimes.