Thursday, June 15, 2017

How To Act Like a Writer

Ever heard of the phrase ‘fake it until you make it?’ Well, sometimes that’s what writers have to do in order to get by.
It’s so common for writers to deny what they are. We live in fear of being criticized, of getting rejected, and feel that if we admit to being a writer we'll be ridiculed or irritatingly asked ‘yes, but what’s your real job?’
So how do you act like a writer to help full you with confidence and certainty?

Make writing a priority
It’s so easy to talk about writing, to complain about writing, to fret about writing, without actually DOING any writing. Real writers don’t sit about all day moaning about writer’s block or sweating over every single word. They knuckle down and get on with it. So if you want to act like a writer then instead of procrastinating or commiserating with your fellow writers, just sit and write. Your writing has to be a priority in your life. It doesn’t have to be your main job, you don’t even have to make any money from it, but you do need to give it the attention it deserves.

Dress like you mean business
You wouldn’t turn up to work in your 2-week old sweatpants and a jumper that is barely holding its threads together. So why do you think this is appropriate attire to write in? If you actually get out of bed, shower, dress smartly and sit down in a space that you’ve designated for writing, you’ll feel so much more professional and businesslike, and will probably write better too.

Be quietly confident
To act like a real writer you don’t have to be arrogant or dominant, but you don’t have to be full of agony and crippled with self-doubt either. Believing in yourself and the work that you do will help motivate you to keep going even when times are tough.

Have purpose
All writers should have a purpose. Early on you should figure out what it is you are hoping to achieve from your work and always keep this firmly in your mind's eye. Be prepared to tell others about it too. Having a purpose and having clear goals to help you achieve that purpose will always make you feel as though you are moving in the right direction.

Be passionate
Be ready to talk about the projects you are working on with pride and passion. If you clam up and stutter when someone asks you about your book they will quickly lose interest. Talking about your work doesn’t make you boastful - good writers need to be salespeople after all. Make sure you can describe your stories or the projects you are working on with confidence and eloquence - it will make you believe in what you are doing even more too.

Acting like a writer isn’t just about putting on a front, it’s about developing good behaviours and ways of communicating that will help fill you with confidence, determination and pride in what you are doing - and that’s surely what every real writer wants!

Do you follow every single one of these terms? I must admit I haven't followed some of these. 

Right now, I'm still in my robe as am typing this and just last night before bed, I was working on revising one chapter my story. I had intended to do it during the day, but got too sleepy then.  I get that way a lot.  I was wide wake after 10PM, and was determined to get this one done, though not completely. I typed what I had wanted to add, and will print it today and check for errors and such. I was once told it didn't matter what you wear when writing,  since most of us do it in our own homes, where most other people don't see us.  And I have heard stories of people staying up late to work on their writing, so I didn't feel to weird about doing so last night, though such behavior has been atypical of me. I guess now that summer is nearing, I have more energy at night, unlike this past winter when I was getting sleepy early, likely because of illness and rain this year. 

I do believe I have been passionate about what I am doing. I have told many about my work, both on Facebook and in person, even to people I have
just met in person such as at the store or anywhere else.  I am now determined to share it with others, if only I can find a group or something in which to do so. And I have told this those I already know in person, if they do not use social media. I know one girl from school is who is social-media shy, so I let her know about my memoir one of the last times I'd seen her in person.

But then, I guess each of us approaches our writing in our own way and style. Each is different for each person. 


  1. Okay, there's just no way, I'm going to get up and dress like I'm going to work. If house around clothes are good enough for Nora Roberts, they're good enough for me.
    YOU, have a great one.

    1. Regular clothes are fine for me too. Who's going to know, right? And I'm sure many people do not follow that idea.