Sunday, June 4, 2017

Is This How to Write a Memoir?

Yes, I'm being funny with my title here just as this cartoon is being funny.  This is even longer than a six-word memoir.

 I bring this all up because it's been nearly a year since I sent out my original draft of my memoir for thorns to read. It was only 87 pages then, and it was done on my old Mac (I got my new one in December last year).  One friends said it was too short for a book. But now it's nearly 200 typed pages and seemingly book-length, even if I don't get to 60K or more words.  I'm  still editing and adding stuff and doing so continuously, even after typing out a revised chapter before going through all of them. I keep changing a lot, but am hoping to have it done soon.  I'm trying to decide when to find an editor.


  1. Good luck. Knowing when to stop must be a very difficult call...

    1. Yes, but I'm trying. I keep coming up with things I want to add, and have considered whether I should do so or not.