Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Words For Wednesday


I missed it last week, but am back for this week. But there are no words this week--only pictures. Pictures are a good source of writing inspiration. 

There was an abandoned shack out in the foothills with a broken fence around it. Very little was inside the shack.  No one dared go inside. 

When someone touring the area for the first time, he saw the shack and added to walk inside.  All he could find inside were cobwebs and dust on the dirt floor and shards of undeterminable materials.  He could see a broken-down sofa with springs and stuffing sticking out.  A dilapidated rocking chair sat in one corner. An old sewing machine was in another corner.  

The man observed all that he'd seen inside the shack and wondered who could have once lived here. Was it an old seamstress? Any old family? Someone was living in this neck of the woods? This was such mystery.

He soon became so scared that he decided to leave.  And he would never return. Very few others dared go inside. Therefore, the mystery remained unsolved.


One morning, Josh looked out his window and everything seemed blue.  Was the world trying to tell him something? What did blue signify? Was it bad or good? 

"Does this mean I've got the blues?" Josh asked himself. "And just what are the blues?"

If the blues means sadness, then why does a bluebird mean happiness? Some things are so confusing. 

But by the end of the day, Josh no longer felt blue. It was as if the bluebird of happiness had in fact visited him. 


  1. There was an old thieves shack near my grandparents cabin. I found it absolutely fascinating to explore, and that's what the first picture reminds me of. I can see where a place like that might spook some people though. For me, I just want to be there and imagine.

  2. I especially like the blue meanings contrasts in the second short:)
    Good job!

  3. I really like your very different use of both prompts. Margaret, Sue and Bill have given us some great springboards to start from haven't they?

  4. Hope you're having a great one, Jamie.