Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Words for Wednesday

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This weeks prompts are:

  1. Fluid
  2. Optimum
  3. Excitement
  4. Bus
  5. Forensic
  6. Forest 

  1. Theatre
  2. Shoe
  3. Passion
  4. Dogmatic
  5. Prison
  6. Visitor 

The old man, who once worked in forensics, had a fluid excitement and passion for the theater.  He got a ticket to see a play taking place in a forest.

In the play, a boy finds a magical shoe in the forest and hops a magical bus to an alternate universe.  The people in this part of the universe were surprised by this unexpected visitor.  They then told the boy he must hold on to the shoe for optimal growth and spirit. "It is dogmatic," they tell him. But he does not understand any of this.  So he attempts to leave and return to the forest, but can't seem to escape. But then he sees a button on the shoe that says,"Go back home," so the boy presses the button and he's magically sent back home.  Then he wakes up and realizes it was all a dream. He is lying in bed with his new set of shoes on the floor near the bed.  

The old man loved the play and gave it a thumbs up review. 


  1. What fun. I really like your light-hearted approach to the prompts.

  2. A play about a dream! Very well told.

  3. Good job Jamie. I had to take a minute to realize that it was play about a boy's dream with an old man watching. Loved it.