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How to Feed Your Creative Self


How To Feed Your Creative Self - Writer's

Creativity is an essential part of being a writer. But let’s face it, sometimes when we try to write it seems as if our creative souls have packed up and gone on a little vacation without letting us know.
Creativity is a strange thing, even in the most creative and inspiring writers, it seems to come and go, to sometimes flow steadily or come gushing forth, at others to trickle teasingly, and just as often, to dry up altogether.
The problem is, this really doesn’t work well for us writers. We would much prefer our creativity to be a constant and powerful light, burning within us, or end endless well, always available for us to tap into.
The good news is that there are things that we can do in order to give our creativity a boost, and help us find it again when we feel as though we’ve lost it.
So next time you are feeling creatively weak, don’t despair! Try these 10 different ways to feed your creative self:

Free your mind
Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The more you ‘try’ to be creative the harder it may be. Try free writing or doing mind maps or word association - there are loads of writing exercises that can help free your mind and tap into your creativity - why not give them a try?
I always try to free my mind, but I haven't been trying any f the sea exercises recently. I know I should do so, but just haven't been doing so.  I've been wanting to work more on another piece I recently began, but have become more and more preoccupied working more and more with my memoir.

Explore the world
There is a big wide world out there so don’t stay cooped up and hunched over your desk all day. It could be as big as booking a travelling adventure or as small as going for a walk, but getting out there and interacting with the world around you will inspire you for certain.
Another thing I've wanted to try, but haven't been actively pursuing.  Been too hot to even think of walking, which I want to do once in a while. The weather here has been so hot that just getting to the store is hard. I need to think of somewhere where I want to go and complete a travelogue.

Do something exhilarating
Sometimes you need to shake up your boring old routine and do something that pushes you, challenges you or even scares you a little bit. Doing this will release endorphins, make you feel powerful and proud and boost your creativity no end - the new experience could even lead to a whole new story idea!
I've tried once in a while to come up with something new that I have never done, but still am not sure what to do.

Show off your talents
Sometimes compliments will get you everywhere. A lack of creativity can mean you start questioning your ability and talents and mean that you lose confidence in your writing abilities. Share your work with your biggest fan, get some positive feedback and you’ll soon start to feel differently.
Still trying to find someone who can read and critique what I have written. 

Listen to music
Music can have a profound effect on our mood, so next time you are feeling creatively challenged put on a motivating playlist, listen to something beautiful or search for inspiring playlists to keep you motivated.
I haven't done lot of this in so long.  But I will find myself watching a DVD I've seen many times already.  It works, too.

Read something amazing
We all get ideas and inspiration from other writers, so keep devouring every book you can get you hands on and you’ll soon find something sticks with you and helps you to develop a new idea in your own work.
I already do this. 

Have a plan
While you might think planning goes against the idea of being creative, a well researched and thought out plan can actually be very beneficial. Doing so will help you to rest assured that your story will work out and stop you from getting stuck halfway through.
I haven't had to do this as of yet.

Take a break from your laptop
Sometimes doing things they old fashioned way is best! Try writing using paper and a pencil instead of typing directly onto your laptop. It might take longer but there is something creative and relaxing in the process, don’t you think?
I have to get away from my computer more!  But if I have a writing idea, I will often try to jot it down on paper before attempting to type it.

Create an inspiring writing space
Creating your perfect writing space can really work wonders when it comes to boosting your creativity. You might want something calm and minimal or a bustling space where the walls are crammed with pictures, timelines and notes - whatever works for you! Make sure you have a comfy place to sit and work though, being uncomfortable can be really distracting and can diminish your creativity and take away from the joy of writing altogether.
Doing what I can for this one.

Don’t give up!
Even when you feel as though your creativity will never return, try to keep writing and rest assured that it will. The more you write, the quicker you will find your creative self again, so just keep going, however tough!
The title of this one says it all.

Boosting and channelling your creativity can be challenging at times, but if you keep practising and use the methods above you’ll find it comes much easier, helping you to become a more productive and inspired writer as a result!
These all sound like great idea.  Any others you might add?

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