Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Quiz: The Fireworks Test

Reposting this from last year:

Definitely agree with this one.

Your Fireworks Say You're Introverted
You are a rather reserved person in day to day life.
However, you do have a few topics that truly excite you.

When you become impassioned, it's a surprise to everyone around you.
But if they blink, they'll miss it, because you get back to being calm very quickly.


Sandra Cox said...

Happy 4th. Happy Fireworks.

Elephant's Child said...

Snap. Me too. And Happy Independence Day.

Crystal Collier said...

Love it! I'm more like the cheese type, often bubbly, frequently deep, and periodically the life of the party. ;) But you know the benefit of being a firecracker? Everyone pays attention to those few moments of pizzazz. I love that this world is filled will all types.