Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Lessons in History

As you know, yesterday was USA's Independence Day.

In her blog today, Crystal Collier mentions about having to take history in school. I was among those who responded.

In my book, I recalled how I was a bit jealous of those who began college at a university rather that a community college. I did not feel that I was about to embark on the college journey at a community college  since I would not be occupying dorm rooms and such that is encountered at universities.

When I did get to the university, I could not help noticing how the freshman were fulfilling their lower-division general education requirements with history classes that focused on a single event in history, such as the Holocaust. Or probably one that focused on African-Americans in  history. I been to wonder why there were no similar classes at community colleges as well, Instead, the one I'd had at CC was just a repeat of what I had already been taught many times. In my town, US history was taught in fifth and eight grade, and again in high school during sophomore year. and each time, it was the same stuff--beginning with the discovery of the land that would become the USA.  I don't remember much about the fifth and eight grade classes, or the one in college, but the high school one went up to the Korean War.

I responded to Crystal's post with a synopsis of what I said above and saw another comment from someone who disliked history in school because there was too much memorization needed,  and then there were the dreaded tests. Yes, tests always gave me anxiety. The good thing about memorizing historical facts today is that there will be no more tests afterward.

It's definitely time to teach something new in history, instead of the same stuff all the time.


Sandra Cox said...

I know exactly what you mean about starting at a four year school, dorm life, broadening your horizons, etc.

Though,CC really fills a nitch. A lot of the electives are decided in house, I imagine if you were at a different CC you'd find different history classes offered. That is too bad they didn't have anything that appealed to you.
Both 2 yr and 4 yr schools have a lot to offer.
Good post!

Elephant's Child said...

While I was at school history was taught as dates, rulers and battles. I loathed it.
Later in life I became fascinated in history, in seeing how our ancestors lived (and died). How I wish it had been better taught.