Sunday, December 21, 2008

Digital TV Countdown

In less than two months the transition to digital TV begins. No doubt you've been hearing about this for the last year. Are you ready? I am--sort of. I have the box already. Yes, I don't have cable or satellite service. I got the converter box in June, but haven't hooked it up yet. I only got ti then because I knew I needed to apply for a $40 off coupon. Upon hearing about this in February this year I immediately signed up for the coupon online. I was trying to get a jump on getting one, not knowing at that time that the coupon would expire 90 days after receipt. I did not receive mine until the last week of April. I then noticed that it expired on July 10. So I knew I ahd to use it immediately. Since each household is limited to only two coupons, I could not afford to waste this just because it was so early. This is different from the paper coupons you use at grocery or drug stores; I just could not afford not to use it, as it was too good not get $40 off the box, and I needed the box. I eventually got the box in June at Best Buy. Now I just need to hook it up, and will do so before February 17, 2009. I saw no reason to hook it up immediately, since that was not necessary. But at least I'm ready to begin.

How about you? Are you ready?

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