Thursday, December 18, 2008

Seven Days and counting...

..until Christmas Day. The store I work at is just beginnig to give 25% off all Christmas merchandise and we have just begun receiving merchandise for Valentines Day. And we still have New Year's Day to celebrate, two weeks from today! And then the Christmas merchandise will be 50% and then 75% off. Having worked in retail for the past seven years, I'm used to seeing season merchandise coming in two to three months in advance. I believe our Halloween merchandise this year started coming in as early as June. St. Patricks' Day merchandise shouldn't be too far behind, I expect to see that arriving. soon FYI, Easter 2009 is on April 12, so I wonder when that seasonal merchandise will start coming in.

But gettin back to the subject heading, yes, it is seven days and counting till Christmas 2008. And two weeks till the year switches to 2009.

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