Saturday, November 13, 2010

Already tired of seeing Christmas stuff

And it's not even Thanksgiving yet.  Of course, Christmas stuff seems to come as early as September and it's always up during November.  But seeing it already in October has always seemed to early for me, especially when it gets placed near the Halloween stuff.  It was like this at my local Kmart, prompting a fellow  customer to comment on the large artificial Christmas trees placed on the floor near the aisles of Halloween costumes and accessories.   At my work, Christmas displays start to overtake halloween displays before the calendar even switches over to October.  

I always vow not to put up any Christmas until Thanksgiving is over, with hopes of having Christmas decorations up by December 1, though I don;t always make it by that date.  Last year I started listening to my Christmas music CDs a week before Thanksgiving, since the music system at work switched over to its all-Christmas music then, rather than the day after turkey day as in previous years.  If you've ever worked anywhere that plays Christmas music all during winter, then you know what I have to endure all of December, not to mention the last few days of November.  By the first week that the holiday music run starts, I will have heard a at least five versions of the same Christmas songs by everyone including Bon Jovi, George Michael, Mariah Carey, Harry Connick Jr., Macy Gray,  the Jacksons---and that's not even the half of it!  December 26 can't come fast enough for me as far as this month-long music cycle goes.   I do like Elton's John's "Step Into Christmas" and Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime," and I have DCs that contain these songs that I got years ago.   And another person at work has been not looking forward to the upcoming Christmas songs over the store intercom for the next month or so.  

I cannot imagine how much more Christmas merchandise we can receive over the next month or so.  Last year, around December 5, Valentine stuff began arriving. yeah, can you believe that? before it was even Christmas.  I think that one could alt least wait until January, as I don't mind the idea of  Valentines stuff in January, since so little else happens that month after the first day.  August, to me, seems to early for Halloween (although I work in a store that doesn't carry school merchandise so there isn't much else to display that month) and September seems to early for Christmas.   

I'm not sure how soon I plan to start Christmas shopping.  But I'm not against the idea of doing so in November.  

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