Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas stuff today...

Today Christmas songs started playing on the store intercom, but something different happened this year.  Apparently Christmas tunes won't be taking over the music system all day long till the day after Christmas as in previous years. Today several Christmas songs appeared intermittently between the usual stuff that plays over the intercom.  I don't know for sure if this is how it will be for the next month, but I'll be so glad if that is how it turns out.   This will be much better than having to hear Christmas music all day long. I believe this was how it was on the Kmart intercom the other day when I was visiting that store. 

After work I went across the street to the See's Candy Holiday store.  Like the Spirit stores for Halloween, the See's Candy Holiday stores are temporary, seasonal stores.  They open beginning in November and remain open until Christmas Eve.  And like the Spirit stores, the See's stores temporarily take over some abandoned retail space,  with a banner hanging over the storefront, as seen in the photo above.  This one is in a building abandoned by a carpet store called MMM Carpets.  The sign remains on the storefront, and is covered by black plastic.  Upon entering the candy store, I was greeted by a worker and treated to free candy samples, including some pieces of peppermint candy and some almond candy covered with chocolate.  I loved the almond ones, but can't remember what they are called!  How weird is that?  The store had several displays of boxed candies, including a few with Christmas designs.  

I've seen these stores in previous years, but don't recall ever going into one until now.   I've gone past regular See's candy store sin mall, but have never really gone into one of those.

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