Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More of my Sun Drop Experience

As I said earlier this was the first time I saw Sun Drop soda for sale in my neck of the woods.  As I've said it has a lot of caffeine as does Mountain Dew and its knockoffs.  I've always been cautious as to not drink caffeinated soda late in the day when I have to be up early for work.  Having been off this week, though, I felt it was OK to drink some of the stuff late in the day and as I would have expected, I got very little sleep that night.  

It's been about two days since I last consumed any of the stuff and when I go back to work next week, I will be limiting my consumption and purchase of Sun Drop.   That will be all right, since I don't drink a lot of Mountain Dew or its generic knockoffs, and Sun Drop is basically the same thing.  

I just looked on YouTube and saw this commercial for Sun Drop

I just learned that Dr Pepper Snapple has planned to distribute Sun Drop nationwide, though I have yet to see it anywhere but at  Walmart.  This plan is to compete against Mountain Dew.

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