Saturday, November 12, 2011

Safeway Gingerbread Cookie Ice Cream

It seems a lot of products come up with some seasonal variant, like holiday-themed M&Ms, Peeps, and even candy corn has ventured into other holidays besides Halloween.  Apparently even ice cream gets into this act as well.  Last night while making a run to Safeway, I felt like having some ice cream so I went into the frozen-foods aisle and looked at what brands and varieties were on hand. I was planning to get one of the standard flavors such as cookies and cream, rocky road or cookie dough (all favorites of mine). However upon seeing the Safeway store brand Gingerbread Cookie ice cream and that it was a limited edition, I decided to give this one a try.  Since it was a limited edition, it won't be around after Christmas season and who knows how many others will be  buying it as the Christmas holiday looms, even though it's still November.

I must say I loved the illustration on the carton, with the gingerbread houses and cookies in the snow.   And I'm sitting here laughing about how the package of Alka Seltzer showed up in the background of this photo, on the counter to the right of my stove top.

So after dinner last night, I spooned out a few scoops of the ice cream into a bowl.  Must say, not too bad.  Something definitely different, as I'd never tried this before and, to the best of my knowledge, had never noticed this variety of ice cream until now. I had some more of the stuff this afternoon as well.

For the record, chunks of gingerbread cookies are in the ice cream which looks rather brown-ish from the cookie chunks.   Sorry for for no illustrations, but didn't get around to taking any pictures of the ice cream in the bowl.

Overall, it's a pretty good flavor.  But it's a seasonal one, so if you're hankering for some of this stuff, get some soon before the Christmas season is over!

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