Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November begins

Yes, it's November now and stores are now concentrating on Christmas.  Actually have  been since September, my store included.  But I'm not yet ready to think about Christmas, are you?  I barely got my Halloween decorations down today and will not be decorating for Christmas until at least the first of December, or on the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Speaking of which, I have no idea what my family and I will be doing for that holiday. We haven't done much in the last few years.  Last year, my mom and I and a family friend (who had nothing to do that day) went out to the movies and then out to dinner.  If we do that again, that would be all right with me.

None of my papier mache Halloween decorations I put up in Etsy were sold, so I plan on unlisting them until next year, and re-listing them next year around July or August.  I now want to try making some Christmas stuff to try to sell.  Not sure what I'll make, but the idea of making a papier mache gingerbread house seems like a fun idea.  I could use Sculpey to make the "frosting" and "candies" to decorate the houses.  Or try making bread dough.   Again, not really ready to think about Christmas, but if I want to try to make Christmas stuff to sell, I will need to get on it soon.  I'm still not decided on this yet.

I went into the Spirit store today to see all the Halloween stuff that is now 50% off.  I saw people taking things off the racks and walls, including one girl who grabbed the Katy Perry dress I'd gotten from that store.  I did not buy anything, as I don't want to think about Halloween next year just yet.  Though I know that one year, I want to do a '20s costume (as two people I know from the local bar did this year) and another year I want to do a '50s one. Oddly enough the poodle skirt we had at my store is now discounted to $17, though I did not buy that one either.  None of the costumes seemed to sell before Halloween and all but two were left today.  Again, not yet sure about next year.  A lot can change in one year.  Though I'm certain I may just do one of those ideas next year.

To me, November has always been that dreary period that follows the Halloween madness of October and precedes the holiday madness of December.  Of course we have Thanksgiving, but many people over the years have called it "the forgotten holiday."  Not many people decorate for this holiday like they do for Halloween or Christmas.  I for one,  have seen many inflatable ghost and pumpkins on lawns during Halloween and inflatable Santas and snowmen during Christmas season. But how often do see an inflatable turkey?  I don't dislike Thanksgiving,  but have found it boring just sitting around  gabbing and watching football (I don't watch sports) while waiting to consume turkey and stuffing.  My family and I will likely see the next "Twilight" movie the weekend before Thanksgiving.

And even though it's fall season, the weather in my neck of the woods has been a bit warm.  Last month we had weather in the 70s and 80s, something we didn't seem to have over the summer.

And the next presidential election is a year away, meaning that the election will be a hot topic all next year.

What to do all this month.


Machele O'Dufaigh said...

I'm with you Jamie on thinking about Christmas, as I'm still trying to get Halloween put away. Christmas has always meant "filling orders" for me and trying to get my Etsy store stocked. Etsy is a tough sell with so many competing artists. I do much better by word of mouth in my own area. Since it's just my hubby and we've learned to enjoy a different kind of holiday. We do a drive around town looking for beautiful light displays, we always go for a movie on Christmas day and we cook ourselves a fabulous meal on Boxing Day. It is a tough time of year without family around, the sooner it passes by the happier I am. I'm such a scrooge!!

DoolittleDesign said...

Cute blog. I am looking forward to Twilight movie as well!