Friday, December 23, 2011

12 Days Till Christmas Countdown #11

Well, it's only two days till Christmas,  and what to say today.  Lots of stuff, actually; too hard to stick to just one thing today.

First of all, for those like me whose families celebrate on Christmas Eve,  today is the day to get stuff you need, in order to fight the crowds tomorrow.  But today seemed crowded.  I planned to look at Target today, but the parking lot was packed. Same was true at the Goodwill and Dollar Tree, which are next door to each other and have  two adjacent parking lots.  I didn't even bother with Kmart, but I bet their parking lot was packed as well.  I guess Christmas Eve Eve is the new day for getting last minute stuff, or could it be just for this year, since Christmas Eve is a Saturday this year.  Or it could be others who have diner on Christmas Eve, who don't want to be at Safeway or Target tomorrow.  Tomorrow won;t be like most Saturdays, no glancing at stuff at any of those stores or at the hospital thrift store which will be closed until January 3. It's only open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and I almost always go to look on Saturdays.

I'd worked later than planned today, and the Mexican food our store manager had ordered for our Christmas potluck had arrived later than my lunch period, so I hung around after checking out for the day to enjoy some of the food.  We also had our Secret Santa gift exchange today.  Because I'd worked later, I did not get to the post office until about 2PM, then headed out to the stores.  Since tomorrow is Saturday, I'd decided ahead of time to make something for Christmas Eve dinner, something I've not had time to do the last few years.  But instead of baking something, I decided to get some fruit punch and 7Up for some holiday punch.  I knew I had to get to Safeway today, and I was just barely able to find a parking space.  I got the stuff and then took it to my mom's house, so I would not have to make two trips tomorrow, and  because her house is just a few roads up from Safeway.  Then I remembered I needed to get paper towels and wasn't sure how much milk I had, so before going home, I went to Savemart, and as always, they weren't crowded like Safeway gets.  I did not want o be one of those unfortunates who runs out of stuff like this on Christmas Eve,  so this trip was necessary. And I did not want to be look like a slacker either who puts off getting this stuff until that day.  So once the trip to Savemart was over, it was finally time to get home.

One thing I'll be glad about when I return to work on Monday is that the Christmas music will be gone until next year.  I don't totally hate it, but hearing Christmas music all day long since the day after Thanksgiving can get tiring, especially hearing three or more different versions of the same song in one day.  And then going into other stores and hearing more of the same.   Well, actually there were some instances where I heard something on a store intercom that wasn't Christmas music.  Sometime last week the Clash's "Rock the Casbah" was playing in the middle of December, at Safeway, of all places. Seemed weird hearing such a song when everyone was probably expecting to hear Christmas music.  And just yesterday I went into McDonald's  for lunch and when I entered the restaurant, some Christmas song was playing.  I don't remember what it was, and don't really care, but I know it was one I'd heard a million times at work.   However, when I sat down to eat my meal, something non-Christmas began playing over the intercom: Christopher Cross's "Never Be the Same."  It sounds like the kind of song that would turn up on an intercom at a store or fast-food restaurant,  but it's the last thing I'd expect to hear this close to Christmas.  And it's been years since I've heard this song.   I didn't seem to hear what was playing on the Safeway intercom today.  And I'm sure I remember hearing Christmas music at Savemart today.

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