Saturday, September 29, 2012

Getting Ready

It's almost time for the annual Countdown to Halloween.   I will be participating again, as I have been since 2009.  It's always fun.  I've just changed the background on my blog to look spooky for the holiday.  It's always fun.  Not sure what I'll be posting, but I'm always looking for and thinking of something.  I try to think ahead about what to post, but it isn't always easy.  Just so I get something.

And tonight I began my annual decorating of my front porch for Halloween, along with decorating my kitchen windows.  I just hate the fact that there is no lighting or working light sockets on my lawn area.  I keep getting the idea to set up a graveyard there, but without lighting no one will see it. Also, since I have neighbors on all sides, including behind me, it's likely no one but those people (whom I have never actually met) will actually notice if I decorated on the lawn.  But that's just the way it is. I do what I can do.  Pictures of my decorations will follow once completed.

Still a few things to do before my decorating is done and will be sure to finish it tomorrow.  I like to have it up for all of October, which begins on Monday, and always start as close to the first as possible.  I knew I would have to do it this weekend if I wanted to have it up by the first.  Unfortunately, this was also the weekend I had to do laundry, so I did that first yesterday.  I had a free movie ticket for our local cinema and wanted to see "Hotel Transylvania" so I used my ticket to see the show at 7:30PM.  I rarely go to night shows since you have to pay full price after 6PM on most nights, but since this was free, I went last night.  It was quite crowded, since it was Friday night and lots of families with kids were there, naturally.  The movie was fun, and funny at times.  Good way to kick off the Halloween season, and I'm waiting to see "Frankenweenie" next weekend.  Sounds like a good one too.

Can't wait to see what others have planned for the countdown.

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