Sunday, July 14, 2013

Virtual Shopping for This Week's League Assignment

hakes auction 209

Go on a fictional shopping spree at Hake’s current auction #209 to make your collection a little more amazing.
This is my first  League of Extraordinary Bloggers post in two months.  Been real busy with the new job and have had a hard time finding time to blog anything.  Also,  I missed it the first time they did the virtual shopping spree and wanted to try it this time.  So I spent a few days browsing the auction site above and decided upon the following.  If I were able to buy anything from the site, here is what I would be getting:
Thumbnail Picture - click for more pictures         

I've never heard of "Green Spot" Soda, but since I have a thing for soda collectibles, I'd love to have this.  I have a shelf of soda bottles and this might look great on the kitchen wall. And I have more soda collectibles on my virtual shopping list. 

(no caption)

I'd love to have just about any old Coca-Cola advertising like this.  

(no caption)
Coca-Cola and transistor radio--two classics  in one!

(no caption)

Another thing that would look great on my kitchen wall.  Whether I use it for menus or not.
(no caption)
Coca-Cola Large Bottle Sign
Another something for the walls at home.  

OK, that's it for me.  Again ,this only what I would buy if could. 

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