Wednesday, December 31, 2014

PLAY ON: Play Challenge in 2015

Still addicted to signing up for challenges.  But this one is for four months only, and is a focused on reading plays.   I've never done a play reading challenge, and plays are definitely a quick read.  Sign up at Half-filled Attic. Details below from the blog:

Those who frequently visit my little blog can no doubt observe my passion for plays. Plays are interesting in so many ways. So in the first quarter of next year, I'd like to invite everybody to join with me in this play event/challenge.

So here are the rules:
  • The challenge will run for four months, beginning from January 2015.
  • Each month, there will be a monthly theme. 
  • A master post will be published shortly before the challenge begins.
  • Participants are expected to read and post a review each month, and post it in the upcoming Master Post.

We want to keep the theme wide enough in order to allow everybody huge options. So I'll just split plays into four categories based on the period when they were written and assign each period to each month.

January: Ancient Plays, including Greek and Roman plays
February: Renaissance Plays, including Shakespeare and his contemporaries
March: Post-Renaissance Plays, anything post Renaissance is allowed. Wilde and Shaw are very welcome
April: Freebie Plays, if you find any particular playwright interesting during the 3 months, feel free to read another of his/her plays. Or if you want to experiment with other genre or other playwright, you are in.

Plays I'm reading:

January:   Antigone--Sophocles
February:  Volpone and Other Plays--Ben Jonson
March:  Ibsen: Four Major Plays Volume 1
April:  Zoot Suit and Other Plays--Luis Valdez

Completed on April 2

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