Thursday, January 1, 2015

Books N' Tunes Challenge 2015

Here is another challenge hosted by Delighted Reader.  This one seems a little difficult, but I'm going to try. I've never considered putting songs to books, but I'll try. It could be quite fun.  I guess you just have to use your imagination.  I'll go with the first level.  To sign up go to this link.

Love your tunes? Get a song stuck in your head after reading a book or maybe during? Maybe you create playlists for your favorite books, characters or series just like the authors. Then this might be the challenge for you. This challenge is just a fun way to match music to books and share what you have with other readers. You as the reader control how big of a challenge you want to match your individual circumstances. It can be a commitment to ten reads and tunes a year or a hundred. Everyone is welcome to participate.
Level One – Hum Baby – 10 items/10 tunes
Level Two – Dancing Diva – 25 items/ 25 tunes
Level Three – Raging Rocker – 50 items/50 tunes


  1. Choose level and share in your level of choice initial post and/or below in the comments.
  2. Make initial challenge post and then update once a month. Leave blog links or update in comment section for our monthly reading challenge post. Tracking may be as simple or as elaborate as you wish to make it (music with books in running tally or just updating with new additions from that month).
  3. Start on or after January 1 and no later than November 1, 2015. End before or on December 31, 2015.


  1. Qualifying books must be published (ARCs may be included),
    Be romance or have strong romance element.
    No restriction on sub-genre (Dystopian, Historical, Contemporary, LGBT, etc), reading level (YA, NA, or Adult), format (paper, e-book, audio), source (purchased, gifted or borrowed) or length of book.
    May be a re-read as long as it is started after Jan. 1
    Books can count toward other reading challenges.
    Qualifying songs may be from any era and any style with or without lyrics so long as it is published.
  2. Please give proper credit by listing book by full title and author and song by full title and musician.
  3. Reader must have an on-line place to track challenge whether it is on a blog or whether it is creating a specified ‘Tunes N’ Reads’ Challenge shelf at a place like GoodReads or Shelfari so other readers will be able to see what you are reading for encouragement to you, recommendations or discussion purposes. Having a review and rating for each book completed would be great, but not required.
  4. Reader may choose a lower level to start and advance to an upper level if needed.
  5. For song to count, it can be a direct correlation of title or main phrase that matches book, but it can also be a less direct correlation of song theme to book theme too. If you have the space in the post or comments section of our monthly post, feel free to share lyric phrases and book quotes etc that resonated with you.  This is not meant to be the challenging part. ;-)
  6. Song can just be listed with book or a link to audio/video of song attached to posting.
  7. Most of all just have fun and encourage each other on in reading and chatting about books and music.
Here are my books and tunes:

  1. Ruby's Slippers--Leanna Ellis/Goodbye Yellow Brick Road--Elton John [Youtube link]
  2. Big Girl Panties--Stephanie Evanovich/All About That Bass--Meghan Trainor [Youtube link]
  3. Shadow Falls: The Beginning--C.C Hunter/Dancing in the Moonlight--King Harvest [Youtube link]
  4. Big Little Lies--Liane Moriarty/  Lyin' Eyes--The Eagles [Youtube link]
  5. Whispers at Moonrise--C.C. Hunter/Moonlight Feels Right--Starbuck [Youtube link]
  6. Chosen at Nightfall--C.C Hunter/Witchy Woman--The Eagles [Youtube link]
  7. Bet Me--Jennifer Crusie/The Gambler--Kenny Rogers [Youtube link]
  8. The Queen Geek Social Club--Laura Preble/ Loner [Youtube link]
  9. Art Geeks and Prom Queens--Alyson Noel/Rio--Duran Duran [Youtube link]
  10. Laguna Cove--Alyson Noel/Summer--Calvin Harris [Youtube link]
Challenge completed on July 14

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Sophia Rose said...

Glad you could join us for the challenge, Jamie! I think it will be a challenge too, but I'm enjoying it so far. Best of luck!

Sophia@The Delighted Reader