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Lucky No. 15 Reading Challenge

OK, I've got two reading challenges done (I could do more for each of these, but this was enough for me).  I've tried resisting more, but this is one I had to do.  It got started later than January 1.  The blog Books to Share that had the Lucky 14 last year looked like it would not be doing another challenge this year, but as of January 15, they are doing the Lucky 15.  I know I can find books for this that can crossover to other challenges and since I did Books to Share's challenge last year, I just have to do this one. Click the link to Books to Share above to sign up.

lucky no15
Period of challenge: January 15, 2015 – January 15, 2016
Yep, it’s a little bit late, but I hope you are still interested in doing another round of challenge – Lucky No.15. After having fun in Lucky No.14 last year, I finally decided to host another year of this challenge.
The rules are still the same like last year, with some slight changes. I still used some favorite categories from last year and add some new ones.
This challenge will require you to read 15 books (or more) from 15 categoriesbelow. You can combine the books you read with other challenges, but can not use the same book for different categories in this challenge.
Try to match the categories from your TBR piles :) But if you don’t have any suitable books in your TBR – and want to find an excuse to buy a book for this challenge, that’s totally fine too!
Here are the 15 categories:
  1. Chunky Brick: Grab that book with more than 500 pages that you’d always been afraid to tackle. You know you can do it!
  2. Something New: Just purchased a book lately? Don’t let it buried in your stacks, read it now!
  3. Something Borrowed: Read a book that you borrowed from someone else. Don’t make the owner waiting forever for you to finish it. (Books borrowed from friends, libraries, or even rental places, are allowed)
  4. It’s Been There Forever: Dig your TBR pile and read a book that has been there more than a year. It’s time for you to appreciate it :)
  5. Freebies Time: What’s the LAST free book you’ve got? Whether it’s from giveaway, a birthday gift or a surprise from someone special, don’t hold back any longer. Open the book and start reading it now :D
  6. Bargain All The Way: Ever buying a book because it’s so cheap you don’t really care about the content? Now it’s time to open the book and find out whether it’s really worth your cents.
  7. Favorite Color: Pick a book from your shelf which has your favorite color for its cover! Is it pink, red or black? You decide.
  8. First Initial: Read a book that has been written by an author whose first initial is the same with you (Example: My name is Astrid, and I can read anything written by Agatha Christie, Aesop, Arthur Conan Doyle, etc)
  9. Super Series: Read one (or more!) books that belong in a series, it can be trilogy, or tetralogy, or anything.
  10. Opposites Attract: Read a book that’s been written by a writer whose gender is different from your own.
  11. Randomly Picked: Ask someone else (a friend, your spouse, even your kids!) to randomly pick a book from your TBR pile. Don’t complain whatever they choose for you, just read it :)
  12. Cover Lust: Grab a book from your shelf that you bought because you fell in love with the cover. Is the content as good as the cover?
  13. Who Are You Again?: You’ve never read a book from this author, maybe you haven’t even heard his/her name before. But who knows? Maybe he/she will become your new favorite author!
  14. One Word Only!: Read a book that only has one word for its title (number is allowed as long as it’s only consisted of one word, e.g: 1, 2, 11).
  15. Dream Destination: Read a book that has setting in a place you’ve never visited before – but would like to if you have a chance. Could be real places or even fictional!
1. To complete the challenge, you have to read at least one book for each category, or total of 15 books during the challenge period. Format of books are free, it can be e-book, printed book, audiobook, etc. You can set your own pace and do not need to follow the categories in particular order. You can also read more than one book for each category. You have to write your reviews/comments (doesn’t have to be long) in your blog/FB note/Goodreads page/tumblr/etc.
2. Please write a master post about this challenge in your blog/Goodreads/FB notes/etc, and submit your link below for signing up. You can use this master post to sort down the book(s) that you’ll read for each category, and edit them later if necessary. The sign-up linky will be opened from January 15, 2015 throughout the year until December 15, 2015.
3. There are also linkies for each category of the challenge. Please submit your link of review posts for each category in their respective linkies. These linkies will be opened in January 15, 2015 until January 15, 2016.
4. At the end of the challenge, write down a wrap-up post and submit the link in the linky too. The linky for wrap-up posts will be opened until January 31, 2016 to give you more time for wrapping things up. It’s okay if you don’t finish the challenge but you are not eligible to be selected as the winner.
5. After the wrap up post linky is closed, I will pick two lucky winners who had completed the challenge for winning great bookish prizes (including book vouchers, novels, and other exclusive bookish gimmicks/goodies :) ) The prizes will be revealed soon, so please stay tuned. You must have delivery address in Indonesia to be eligible for the two grand prizes.
6. If you are an international participant who doesn’t have Indonesian mailing address, don’t worry, I’ll also choose two winners, each winner can pick any book from The Book Depository for maximum of $ 12.
7. I’ll try to write a round-up post every month and pick some of the most interesting reviews. And who knows? Probably there will be some surprise gifts and giveaways throughout the year :)
Now, let’s start this wonderful 2015 and get ready to tackle some great books!
Here is What I'll be reading:
  1. Chunky Brick:  A Salty Piece of Land--Jimmy Buffett
  2. Something New: Frostfire--Amanda Hocking
  3. Something Borrowed:  Outlander--Diana Gabaldon
  4. It's Been There Forever:  Down a Dark Hall--Lois Duncan
  5. Freebies Time:  Oh My Stars--Lorna Landvik
  6. Bargain All the Way:  Devil in the Details--Jennifer Traig
  7. Favorite Color:  Pink Ice--Susanna Carr
  8. First Initial:  Perfect--Judith McNaught
  9. Super Series:  Shadow Falls: The Beginning--C.C. Hunter
  10. Opposites Attract:  The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963--Christopher Paul Curtis
  11. Randomly Picked:  Sarah's Key--Tatiana de Rosnay
  12. Cover Lust:  Candy Apple Dead--Sammi Carter
  13. Who Are you Again?:  My Sister's Keeper--Jodi Picoult
  14. One Word Only!:  Jewels--Danielle Steel
  15. Dream Destination:  Gossamer Ghost--Laura Childs (New Orleans)
Challenge completed on October 4

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Jamie: Thanks for peeking in at my Lucky 15 post and welcoming me to to the challenge. It looks like a good one!