Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It's October Now...

As much as I love the holiday, I opted not to participate in the Countdown to Halloween this year.  It was mainly because of last year when I was working long hours, causing me to miss some days on the countdown last year. I suspected more of the same would happen this year.  For one week I worked 18 hours overtime and was exhausted beyond description.  A week later, I only worked three days, still staying till 2AM.  But now I've off for almost a week now and have had plenty time to blog.  But another reason was that in the past when I participated in the countdown, my posts got repetitive and sometimes I had little to say on some days.  And last year I was afraid of not getting the day off, but I ddi as I'd asked (and I've already requested it off for this year).  But it was raining on Halloween last year.  Not too bad, we needed some rain since we've been in a drought.  But that night at the local bar, the celebration was cut short when the power went out after 10PM.  All the patrons were freaked.  I'm pretty sure I'll get it off this year, and that this year may just be better.  

On another note, my orange lights I've hung in my kitchen window the last few years have burned out so my window won't be decorated as it always has been.  Going to miss seeing this in my window.

But although I won't be participating in the countdown, I do plan to blog about some of my plans for the holiday.  I've just decided on a costume and began looking for parts today at thrift stores. Only found a few so far, and will keep looking.  In addition to Goodwill, my town has several other second-hand stores that are only open on certain days of the week.  I'm hoping I don't have to go out of town for this, but will do so if necessary.  Will tell you what I'm going to be later.

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