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2016 Literary Pickers Challenge

Going to try this one again. Sign up at Delighted Reader.

How keen of an observer are you? Good at finding important stuff? Or maybe not, but you just want to participate anyway? This challenge is just a fun way to see if you can find a list of items as you read no matter what romance style you pick up. The reader picks and chooses how many books and what list items they want to find. It can be a commitment to ten reads a year or a hundred. Everyone is welcome to participate.
Level One – Treasure Hunter in Training- 10 items/10 places
Level Two – Garage Sale Guru- 25 items/ 25 places
Level Three -Professional Picker- 50 items/50 places
  1. Choose level and share in your initial post and/or below in the comments.
  2. Make initial challenge post and then update once a month. Leave blog links or update in comment section for our monthly reading challenge post. Tracking may be as simple or as elaborate as you wish to make it (list objects with books in running tally or just updating with new additions from that month).
  3. Start on or after January 1 and no later than November 1, 2016 – End before or on December 31of 2016.
  1. Qualifying books must be published (ARCs may be included),
    Be romance or have strong romance element.
    No restriction on sub-genre (Dystopian, Historical, Contemporary, LGBT, etc), reading level (YA, NA, or Adult), format (paper, e-book, audio), source (purchased, gifted or borrowed) or length of book.
    May be a re-read as long as it is started after Jan. 1
    Must be listed by Title and Author. Place in a series or connection to series would be good to know too.
    Books can count toward other reading challenges.
  2. Reader can count only one item per book even if book offers several items from the Scavenger Hunt list.
  3. Reader must have an on-line place to track for challenge whether it is on a blog or whether it is creating a specified ‘Literary Pickers’ Challenge shelf at a place like GoodReads or Shelfari as the point is for other readers be able to see what you are reading.Having a review and rating for each book completed would be great, but not required.
  4. Reader may choose a lower level to start and advance to an upper level if needed.
Scavenger Hunt participants must work off the specified list, but if you found an object that is in the same spirit of the one on the list you can count it. Most of all just have fun and encourage each other on in reading and chatting about books.

2016 Literary Pickers Challenge- Scavenger List

Household Goods
  1. Ceiling Fan
  2. Portrait  (pg. 96) Jane Eyre--Charlotte Bronte
  3. House Plant
  4. Pumpkin (pg. 137) The Funeral Dress--Susan Gregg Gilmore
  5. Candelabra
  6. Dead Bolt (pg. 399) The Chemist--Stephenie Meyer
  7. Grandfather Clock/Mantle Clock (pg. 51) The Girl You Left Behind--Jojo Moyes
  8. Window Blinds (pg. 176) Bed Rest--Sarah Bilston
  9. Microwave (pg. 16) On the Count of Three--Maureen Johnson
  10. Table Cloth
  11. Razor (pg. 64) Hope in a Jar--Beth Harbison
  12. Nail Polish (Fingernail Polish) (pg. 200) The Girl Who Chased the Moon--Sarah Addison Allen
  13. Hand/Purse Mirror
  14. Coffee Table (pg. 74) Afterburn/Aftershock--Sylvia Day
  15. E-Reader
  16. Earbuds (pg. 99) Until There Was You--Kristan Higgins
  17. Window Shutters (pg. 81) The Pilot's Wife--Anita Shreve
  18. Sink (pg. 25) The Summer Wind--Mary Alice Monroe
  19. Lawn Mower/Equipment (pg. 168) The Lake House--Kate Morton
  20. Tile floor
  1. Hard Helmet (pg. 123) Cindy and the Fella/Calling All Glass Slippers--Jacqueline Diamond
  2. Earring/s (pg. 19) The Notebook--Nicholas Sparks
  3. Head Band (Headband) (pg. 268) Broken--Megan Hart
  4. Flip Flops (pg. 16) The Weekenders--Mary Kay Andrews
  5. Motorcycle boots
  6. Belt (pg. 170) Faking 19--Alyson Noel
  7. Tattoo/Body Art  (pg. 60) Total Rush--Deirdre Martin
  8. Evening Gown/Dress (pg. 25) Attachments--Rainbow Rowell
  9. Business Suit
  10. Cuff Links
  11. Space Suit
  12. Military Uniform (pg. 18) 12 Shades of Surrender 
  13. Fisherman/Newsboy Cap
  14. Scarf  (pg. 177) Everything I Never Told You--Celeste Ng
  15. Mask
  16. Bracelets/Cuffs (pg. 125) Villette--Charlotte Bront
  17. Natty or Ugly Sweater (pg. 92) Carol--Patricia Highsmith
  18. Sunglasses (pg. 45) Fly Away--Kristin Hannah
  19. Business Card/s  (pg. 39) Girl Online--Zoe Sugg
  20. Lingerie (pg. 46) Pink Slip--Rita Ciresi
Work Tools/Weapons
  1. Rifle(s)  (pg. 148) Corsets and Clockwork
  2. Saddle  (pg. 312) The Widow of the South--Robert Hicks
  3. Whip
  4. Hammer (pg. 64) Enchanted August--Brenda Bowen
  5. Tool Belt/Box
  6. Briefcase/bag
  7. File Folder (pg. 65) Firefly Lane--Kristin Hannah
  8. Work Gloves/Garden Gloves
  9. Cash Register  (pg. 20) The School of Essential Ingredients--Erica Bauermeister
  10. Measuring Tape/Ruler
  11. Microscope
  12. Ingredients (pg. 20) The Coincidence of Coconut Cake--Amy E. Reichert
  13. Sports Equipment
  14. Silencer for a gun  (pg. 17) Thirst No. 2--Christopher Pike
  15. Explosive
  16. Lock Picks
  17. Safe
  18. Photocopier
  19. Stamps (pg. 41) From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun--Jacqueline Woodson
  20. Notebook/pad (pg. 56) Fangirl--Rainbow Rowell
  1. European Sports Car(s) (pg. 63) We Should Hang Out Sometime--Josh Sundquist
  2. American Muscle Car
  3. Fighter Jet/Spacecraft
  4. Steam-Powered Vehicle
  5. Ice Skates  (pg. 201) The Penalty Box--Deirdre Martin
  6. Russia (pg. 51) Looking for Alaska--John Green
  7. China (pg. 138) Devil's Prize--Kat Martin
  8. India (pg. 24)  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel--Deborah Moggach
  9. Spain
  10. Brazil
  11. Underwater
  12. Another planet (pg. 187) The Husband's Secret--Liane Moriarity
  13. Another Dimension/Parallel Earth
  14. Desert (pg. 40) Cinderella and the Sheikh--Natasha Oakley
  15. Tropical Island
  16. Place of Archeological Interest
  17. War Zone(s) (pg. 58) Summerland--Elin Hilderbrand
  18. Cart/Wagon  (pg. 9) Queen's Own Fool--Jane Yolen and Robert J. Harris
  19. Camel/Donkey
  20. Sailboat
Romantic Encounters
  1. Alien/Alien or Alien/Human
  2. With a Geek
  3. Male/Male or Female/Female
  4. Menage or Poly
  5. Love Triangle (pg. 376) Leave Me--Gayle Forman
  6. Arranged Marriage (pg 59) The Ghost Bride--Yangstzee Choo
  7. Fated Mate
  8. Fake Mates/Marriage of Convenience
  9. Reunion or Second Chance
  10. Blind Date/Dating Service (pg. 7) Savannah Breeze--Mary Kay Andrews
  11. Dominant/submissive or Master/slave (pg. 97) The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty--A.N. Roquelaure
  12. Capture/captive
  13. One Night Stand
  14. Male/Female
  15. Older/Younger (5 years or more age difference)
  16. Highschool Sweethearts/Young Love
  17. Apocalyptic/Dystopian Romance
  18. Romance before 1950
  19. Older Couple (over 50)/Winter Romance
  20. Enemies to Lovers

Calling this complete on December 30

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