Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Assemblage a Success

Here are some photos of my "Skeletons in the Closet" assemblage I did for my class.  At first, most of the others at the center didn't know what assemblage is until I showed them some pictures of such art I found on the Web, then made an example at home. Once they saw my example, they got into the idea, and now some even want to do some of this on their own. I was glad to have introduced this idea to them and that I got to do it after months of planning and proposing the idea. I've already begun buying more cheap game pieces to try making another such assemblage.

I had spray-painted my box at home before before beginning the project at work. One person who participated had to paint her box in class. It took the first day for her just to do that, but she finished the next day.

Each participant had their own theme and brought their own objects and materials. The center provided glue, scissors, paper, beads, markers and such for embellishment.  Click HERE and HERE to see some of the materials I used for my piece.

The finished piece. Some objects are not visible in this shot, so I took
closeups of different areas.

This was hard to photograph without being so dark.
Using the flashing made it too bright and blurry. These are some
of the handmade hangers and the shoes scattered on the floor of the closet.
The "carpet" is felt protector pads and the walls are
lined with brown construction paper.

I made this bra myself. I probably should not have used
black, since I had a black dresser drawer set in the closet
(the dresser was originally unpainted and I made it black).
This  makes the bra hard to see.
Above is the closet door. The skeleton was printed
and mounted on foam and decorated with silver glitter
and black beads. I hung the purses with chess pieces (the other
purse unfortunately is not visible in this photo). I glued the pants
on the hanger to the skeleton's hand. The mirror is made from
aluminum foil wrapped on cardboard and the trims are from a See's
 Candy box lining.  Below is the bottom of the door, with some of the hangers
scattered, along with a hand-made pair of
panties and some umbrellas (drink umbrellas).

I printed his OMG image and emojis and a blank speech
bubble and mounted them on a piece of foam. The piece was
glued on to the top of the closet.

I pasted an image of a screaming mouth
on  the fake Barbie's face to make her appear
to be screaming.

I angled the camera to get this shot. The
plastic dinosaur skeleton is mounted above the dresser (hard to see in
this photo) and is holding the bra and one
of the clothes hangers. the clothes arranged are
glued to the hanging rod so as not to fall off.