Monday, April 17, 2017

My Skeletons and Closet

As I said yesterday, I will be leading the art class this week for assemblage projects, art made of found, often unrelated objects arranged in a scene or an abstract sculpture. And mine will be "Skeletons in the Closet."

I found a plastic dinosaur skeleton at a local thrift store that I will be using, as well as some printable skeleton images to be mounted on foam or cardboard and made to look as if they are popping out. 

This is the plastic dinosaur skeleton. It came unassembled in a plastic container from the thrift store.  And sorry for no pictures of the printable. I'd have to search through images to try to find the exact ones I printed.  The first one is a little blurry, I apologize for that, but this was the best I could do this early in the morning ;)

And below is a wooden hinged box box that will be the closet.

These and the objects mentioned in yesterday's post are just the bare bones (no pun intended!) of the project.  When it's done,  I plan to post some pictures.  Meanwhile, in case you missed it, in this blog post I posted pictures of my previous attempt at assemblage.   I'd been proposing this idea for our class since last December and kept postponing when I would be doing it, but decided to do it the week (our coordinator posts an events calendar for each month).  I'd been asked to do a physical example after showing others some images I'd printed from the Internet. 

I can't wait to see what everyone does this week, staring today. Some have already said what they are doing, but others have been keeping their ideas/themes under wraps.


Sandra Cox said...

Sounds like an exciting week. Have fun.

Sandra Cox said...

How's the class going?

Jamie Ghione said...

So far, so good. Those participating have some interesting ideas.