Saturday, April 20, 2019

Not a Lot of Blogging This Month

I had so few posts last month and even fewer this month as of yet. I must also admit I have not written anything new, though the other night I did go over and do some rewrites on my diary novel. I've not worked on the sequel in a while. It's also been a while since I attempted different kinds of poems. I'm going to try again soon. I guess I can begin with the edits I have made to my novel. Going to try to get something started.

Another thing, this week at work we will be doing the silhouette lanterns. I've already drawn and cutout my silhouettes. I'll be doing a mermaid with some fish and sea plants. After trying many different ways to do this craft, I settles on making the silhouettes from black poster board and gluing them into to inside of the jar with Mod Podge, then adding MP to the reset of the inside of the jar and sprinkling it with glitter. Some of the jars I got for the class have open-top lids and the others are canning jars with the pop-out inner lids. I also got tea lights for inside the jars. I will be posting pictures after Wednesday. So excited to be doing this. 

And I have found another project I want to try--the sensory bottle. It's another for which I have found many different ways to do it, so I will have to pick one I want to try.  Some examples are in this link. More on this one to come.