Wednesday, April 24, 2019

How to Find a Name??

I saw this today on Sandra's blog:

Intersting. This never happened to me personally, but how many others have had this happen?

As I have said many times on my blog, I have often wondered how I chose certain names for my characters, for example, the protagonist of my 80s-set diary novel. Or any of the other characters in the same story. Many people keep telling me "They're just names." I guess that is so. But I have found myself using names I may not have considered at one time. I guess the names just come to me.

How do any of you come up with character names?


Sandra said...

I keep an eye out. I watch movie credits:) And I'll go online to name lists.

Elephant's Child said...

In my rare excursions into writing I find names difficult.

Sandra said...

I think it's important that the name fit the character.