Wednesday, June 19, 2019

What Books Can You See Becoming a Movie?

I saw this on Sandra's blog today:

In recent years, I have been trying to read the book before watching the movie. But years ago, there were many times when I saw a movie not knowing it was based on a book. In many of those instances, I have subsequently sought out the book after the fact. 

I hurriedly read The Sun is Also a Star when I learned a movie was being made and was being released in May. I did not hear about the movie until about two weeks before it was released, during the previews for another movie. I had been meaning to read the book for some time and now felt pressured to do so!

Every so often now, I find myself reading books that I think should be made into movies, including books by this author, none of which (as far as I can see) have been made into movies. The plot of such book screams movie in many cases. I could see the following books as movies:

This isn't the first time I have blogged on this idea. Read here for another take.

I try not to think too much like this, however, when reading.  But every so often, there comes a book that screams movie. Just about an YA fantasy or "chick-lit" seems especially fit for a movie. 

And if a movie is based on a self-help book, do you feel  need to read the book at all, especially if you do not think the book would be necessary for you to read? I've watched several such movies and in most cases didn't read the book, especially this book for this one, since this was not necessary for me.

When you're writing a book, do you immediately wonder if it might someday be commissioned for a movie? I have tried not to think this way since I have not yet published anything. And this is definitely thinking too far ahead. When I was working on my memoir, I got a little into this mode, since I initially did not use any names in my story. I knew I was thinking too far ahead, but did wonder if there has ever been any book with unnamed characters that has been turned into a film. This seemed like something to look into, though I have yet to do so.


Elephant's Child said...

I don't really 'do' movies. And in particular I don't do movies of books I have read because even when they don't tamper with the story line (rare) the images don't fit the ones I have in my head.

Sandra said...

I'm sure most of us fantasize about having our books made into movies.

Sandra said...

Hope your day has been productive and pleasant.