Monday, July 29, 2019

Titles Based on Typos and Mishearings

As I said in this post, I tried the "legitimate eavesdropping" idea for my class at work. Two days later, I tried it on my own at the same place where I'd done it at work. On that day, though, there wasn't much activity and not much to hear. Two people were reading from a  book and read a line that sounded like "emerging from the time candle..." I likely heard that last part wrong, but just the same, I used this for a poem idea (hoping to share it later after working on it a little more). 

Have any of you ever written something based on a mishearing or even a misprint? I was immediately reminded of how this poem was written, from a typo in a newspaper. A reading of the poem is in the video below:

Mishearings and typos seem like a great source for titles. This book is made up of illustrations of typos of movie titles (I came across this while Googling "tiles from typos" for this post). Below is one of the images from that book:

I rather liked this one. It's kind of a retelling as well. 

I now want to work more on my poem and possibly post it to Wattpad. 


Sandra Cox said...

Love the Beauty and the Beat:)

Elephant's Child said...

Mondegreens have sparked some interesting stories, songs, poems...

Sandra said...

Looking forward to your poem.