Thursday, July 18, 2019

You Know That Summer is Half-Over When...

You go looking for items like this at the Dollar Tree:

But mostly see displays like this:

Yes, half-way through July store displays begin to to look like that pictured above. As someone who once worked in retail, I already know to expect this.  

Last Sunday, I went looking for some of the bottles pictured above but could only find one package left at the time. Though it wasn't for barbecuing, but something else--to use for reverse tie-dyeing as a project at work in two weeks. I got the bottles, some bleach, rubber bands and gloves at the Dollar Tree. Since I still had some petty cash from work left, so I went to Kmart to look for condiment bottles, but they were already sold out. I then tried Target and the best I could find was a bottle like this. I guessed that three bottles would be enough, as I can't be certain just yet how many people will be participating, though several have already expressed interest in doing so. I've already tried a few reverse tie-dye shirts at home and hope to post more about this project later. I already have a set of mustard and ketchup bottles (the red and yellow ones) that have been used for cleaning at home. I used the yellow one to reverse tie-dye at home and will probably bring it with me for work. This set was also from Dollar Tree, purchased a little earlier in the season. But even then, finding these things seemed a bit hard at first, but then a worker looked around and was able to find at least one set. I guess the summer items were already selling out by then. Now very few items for summer are on display at most retail stores, and stores like Target have these items on clearance already. Though I  have little to worry about as I don't barbecue and have no big summer parties planned for what remains of the season. 

On a a side note, as someone without children, I still have a way to take advantage of the back-to-school items now on display at most discount stores.This is a good way to stock up on notebooks, pens and pencils for writing and glue and markers for art projects at home.

And I won't even get started on Halloween showing up in stores before September. Well, not right now, since I have yet to see  any such displays. But they probably will start showing up as early as August.   


Elephant's Child said...

I do hope to learn more about your reverse tye-dying. Hint, hint.

Sandra said...

The school supply items are out in force.
Your project sounds like fun.

Sandra Cox said...

Hope you've had an enjoyable weekend and that your week is productive and pleasant.