Thursday, January 2, 2020

New Year--What to Expect?

I know no one knows what to expect ever. I certainly never do.  It will be a year since I restarted my creative writing class at work after it was dropped in 2017 for being offered at a not-so-great time. That I know for sure.

If someone asked me what my list of resolutions was, it would look like this:

I don't bother making any, because like a lot of people, I know I'll forget about them before the month is up, let alone before the year is over.

But even though I dislike the idea of making resolutions, I know I want to get back writing more. I not been doing so for sometime now, with other things on my mind. Also, there are some online classes for writing offered by the county library (along with over 500 kinds of classes) I may join. They are free and can be done anytime. So that is a possibility.  I'll just take everything as it comes.

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Elephant's Child said...

No resolutions here either. I just muddle along. I would like to spend more time in an attempt to be creative though.