Saturday, February 1, 2020

More Discounted Stuff From Kmart

Tomorrow will be the last day of the Kmart store in Hollister, California. Over the last week, I have been going in to see what is left. Not much, as one might expect from a soon-to-be-shuttered store. But here is what I've found over the past days:

I was sure I'd not be able to find anything that fits me among the remaining merchandise, but did manage to find a pair of shoes and some shorts that were the right size. I obviously missed seeing these when I looked last week and presumed most of the popular sizes were sold out. A lot of the larger clothing and shoe sizes remain. I also went through the plastic bins of unpacked underwear (I obviously don't want to post pictures of that!) to find four pairs of for 37 cents each. And these two books:

Even the books are slim pickings now, with about 12 copies of Captivated by You  and about six of The Swans of Fifth Avenue still available. 

The shoes were bought on Tuesday, at 75% off, followed by the underwear on Thursday, the books early on Friday morning, and the shorts today. Since yesterday, all merchandise has been 90% off. I went early in the morning on Friday and it wasn't too busy, but when my mom tried to go later that same day, she said the lines were long. I was almost afraid to go this morning, fearing long lines stretching to the back of the store. Yes, I did have a bit of a wait, but the lines did not seem too long to me, and getting some shorts for about 86 cents (originally $7.98) was worth waiting in line for.  

Now I'm debating about going tomorrow. I can only wonder how busy it will be on the last day, but I'm especially wondering how many people will be going since tomorrow is the Super Bowl. My guess is that if they want to go, they will do so early in the morning before the game begins. Even though I won't be watching the game, I still want to get to Kmart early to possibly avoid long lines. Will let you know if I make one last trip.

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