Monday, June 29, 2020

Midyear Reading Post

I've come to do one of these posts every year now. My book total this year so far is 128, with another currently in progress. Needless to say, the pandemic has been the reason for so much reading, though it has not been unusual for me to reach this many or something close to it at this time of year. This year, things have been a bit different, as I have read more digital books while unable to access the library. I was glad when the curbside pickup began this month. In March, I returned all the library books I had out then, intending to read from my stash at home for a while, right before the shutdown began. My timing was good on that one. It was after that that I began reading the digital ones as well with those I already had at home. I thought that reading longer books like  The Stand and The Passage would take at least a week each, but I got one done in five days and the other in four. It should only be obvious how much time I have had to read in the last three months 🙂

I have also finished several of the year-long reading challenges I am doing this year.  The What's in a Name one was the first I finished. With only six categories, I seem to always finish that one first. But I also finished it in early March, before the lockdown.

The following challenges have also been completed. I was glad to find some e-books and to order some Zip Books that I nedded to fill some of the categories. Finding a book beginning with X was another something I managed to do just before the lockdown. And I was glad to find one beginning with Z on Overdrive, something I was worried I wouldn't find once I was unable to access the library. This thought entered my mind just as the shutdown began and before I first accessed Overdrive. And I had similar thoughts on finding books with colors in the titles, but that too worked out. And Zip Books was helpful in finding books published this year, a commonly occuring prompt.


Pink and Dizzy

And there are several others for which I am just one or two books short of finishing. On two there is the prompt "a book you read in high school," which I am struggling with. I'm trying to remember what I read then! It doesn't say one you had to read in school, though that is what it seems to imply. Just recalling what I read then at all is driving me crazy! 

I've already picked out what to read for my monthly prompts for July and for Erin's 13.0 Challenge that starts on Wednesday. More often, I like to decide as I go along, but decided early this time. I've already picked up two needed books from the library and the rest have been chosen from home and from the library's digital collection. I wanted to get the books I got  (picked them up last Thursday) before someone else did, and it has been hard waiting for next month to begin. I'm trying to limit how many trips I make a month for the curbside pickup since we still have to stay at home as much as possible. I'm now awaiting the day I can go back inside the library.


  1. Well done.
    I read a lot, but have not read nearly as many books as you have.
    I long for the day I can go back to the library as well.

  2. You go, girl! I haven't read half that many.