Tuesday, February 23, 2021

11 Months...

Today via my Facebook memories I was reminded of what I was doing a year ago today: going to see a play put on by our local stage company, California Suite, which I wanted to see after seeing the movie adaptation years earlier. Seeing a play in town on a Sunday afternoon, performed at the town's IOOF Lodge, was a great outing. I then hoped to see the next planned production, Beauty and the Beast Jr., which had just been cast. And then I saw that the high school would be putting on Grease in March, something I had been wanting to see for some time now. It looked like this was going to be my chance. 

And then we all know what happened in mid-March....

It's now been nearly a year since the shelter-in-place orders began. Eleven months that have seemed like an eternity. I seems almost impossible to remember that early on in 2020 many of us were still able to do things like this. The virus had been discovered early on in the year, but wasn't declared a pandemic until mid-March. Going to see a play was one of the last big things I got to do last year before we were forced into lockdown. And there were plenty more usual-for-me things I did over the next two weeks or so. More on that to come.


  1. It has been hard for so many people. I hope that as the vaccine becomes more widely available the world will open up again.

  2. I love to see plays and believe that this time next year we will be again.

  3. AND I need jeans, but since I can't try them on...I'm waiting...and waiting:)
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Enjoy your weekend.
    Stay safe.Be well.

  5. Just a year ago we were visiting our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter in Illinois. We'd gone there to see my granddaughter dancing in a production. Wow! It feels like forever.