Wednesday, February 3, 2021

February Bookish Bingo

 Here is the card for February.

My books:
  1. The Happy Ever After Playlist--Abby Jimenez (8 squares): E-Book, In a Series, Pink on the Cover, Determination, Romance, Happily Ever After, Life-Changing Decisions, Book Boyfriend
  2. Abide With Me--Elizabeth Strout (7 squares): Free Book, Shelf Love, Physical Book, Not in a Series, Under 400 Pages, Set in a Small Town, Cursed
  3. Girl, Woman, Other--Bernardine Evaristo (2 squares): Book Club Read, Free Space
  4. Fudge-A-Mania--Judy Blume (3 squares): Audiobook, A Favorite Author, Dreams/Nightmares
  5. Beautiful Boy--David Sheff (2 squares): Library Book, Memoir
  6. Lost Soul, Be At Peace--Maggie Thrash (2 squares): Feline Character, Flowers
  7. Girl in Blue--Ann Rinaldi (1 square): Arranged Marriage
25 squares completed on February 16