Sunday, July 24, 2022

Bird Assemblages--Part 2


As I said in yesterday's post, I attempted another way to make the bird assemblages I saw on this site, via Pinterest. Making the birds out of the modeling dough (see yesterday) took a lot of work and the stuff does not harden fast. The artist used wooden birds, but I could not find any anywhere. I did however, see leftover Christmas birds at Dollar Tree discounted after the holiday, and got some of those. For the stick on the first one, I used an actual wooden dowel, and made a hole in the bottom of the dough bird to hold it up, but this barely held it. The Christmas birds had wires attached to their feet. I used paper straws this time, as the wires easily inserted into the straw. 

In the first assemblage, I'd used a wooden box with a removable drawer for the bottom of the base. I did this again here, each time covering the hole in the drawer. On this one, I used spray adhesive to attach magazine pages to the sides of the box. The top part of the base was a wooden craft bird house which I covered the same way as the box on the bottom. After a base painting of the sides of the box and house, I pasted on vintage images found online. I used the modeling call to cover the bird house roof and make the round base on top the roof to hold the stick with the bird. Once again, the dough took a while to become hard.  A yellow pipe cleaner outlines the roof's edge, and pieces of the straws decorate the edges of the bottom base. 

Again, it's been months since I did this, so it's hard now to describe every detail of how I did it all. But there is now real way to do such a thing. And this was not the last one of these I made. The next one is still to come.


Elephant's Child said...

Clever - and fun. Looking forward to the next.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

wow. you just take dough and this appears. If I took dough a lump would only appear. Nice job!!

Sandra Cox said...

Good job!