Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Mental Health Reading Challenge 2023


This will be returning in 2023 for a fifth year. This is a topic very important to me.

General Rules:
  • Any book depicting mental health counts, whether fiction or non-fiction.
  • Challenge takes place from January 1 to December 31, 2023. All books must be read during that time to count.
  • All book formats (print, audio, e-books) are accepted.
  • Books may cross over to other challenges in which you are participating.
  • No levels, read as many books as you like.
  • Need ideas for books? Check this Goodreads page for several lists of books on the topic.
  • You do not need a blog to participate. You may sign up on Goodreads, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 
  • Sign up below in the comments. I have decided not to use linkys this year.

Need reading ideas? Here are some links to get started:

My Books:


Elephant's Child said...

This is a genre that I am very glad to see get more attention.

Salail said...

Hi! I found the challenge via the GirlXOXO site on Book Challenges 2023. I usually read or re-read at least one textbook a year since information changes often.