Saturday, December 23, 2017

2018 Diversity Challenge

I read on the blog that hosted the Diversity Reading Challenge that I did the last two years may not be offered next year. Then I saw this one that will be occurring  next year with the same idea, but with monthly themes.
  • January has been replaced with biracial awareness
  • LGBT pride month will take place in both June and July and will consist of a mini challenge to encourage reading of the different letters within the spectrum
  • March will be the only month that's non-fiction only, and will be for books about or written by women.

To help give people an idea of possible books to read each month, there is a link to a Goodreads list for each topic with examples of books that fit with the different categories.

I will be joining with intermediate status, as I will be completing all 12 months, and reading as many books for the summer mini-challenge as possible.

JUNE - LGBT Pride Summer
SEPTEMBER Hispanic History Month
DECEMBER Religious Minorities

Summer Mini Challenge

The point isn't to fill out the entire 40 squares, but to try and branch out and read as many different types 
of LGBT+ books as possible.



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