Monday, December 4, 2017

Prescription Bottle Christmas Lights

Reposting this from last December:

Oddly enough I have been saving my empty prescription bottles (I can call the pharmacy when I need refills). Not sure why I have been saving them, but maybe I was thinking of doing this? I seemed to have liked the idea a year ago, but I'm not sure about now (and FYI, I haven't decorated for Christmas yet).  This website, however, doesn't think this is a good use of such bottles. How does this idea sound to you? 

Those of you who have prescription medication(s)--what do you do with your empty bottles?

I'm still not sure about doing this this year either and I have plenty more empty Prozac bottles, with more to come! And FYI, I have yet to even pit up any decorations for Christmas. We didn't get a tree last year, but I felt we were still in the spirit. And we have Christmas crafts coming up at work this month, including the paper-cup bells mentioned in this post.

And nearly a year ago on Instagram, I saw this photo, from the author of Prozac Nation (this, she said was from the year 2000):

And I have been using this as my Twitter header photo and occasionally as my Facebook cover photo:


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Elephant's Child said...

My prescription bottles go into recycling. It is a quirky idea, but not going to be a happening thing here.