Saturday, December 30, 2017

My Year in Reading

Well, another year almost over and I have completed my last book of the year. I chose to take tomorrow off from reading, should I finish my last book before New Year's Eve, and I'm glad I did. Who knows how hectic things are going to get tomorrow?

Here are my stats for the year from my Goodreads profile:

I can bet not too many people know about this book since it's written by someone in my county (though the author was originally from Maine).  And just how many people were required to read 1984 in school? I was, for one, though that was over 30 years ago.

I just learned that the Flights of Fantasy reading challenge I have been participating in for three years now is being retired, so that's another one gone ☹️But that's OK, since I've signed up for a challenge focused on fantasy. I'm still waiting on Poetry, Banned Books  and LGBTQ+. I really want to do those if they are offered. Feminist reading, also if that one turns up, even if it's not until February as in the last two years. If any of them don't take place, well, that's just that. Still not sure about horror or steampunk, since I didn't do so well on that last one. I may skip those.

On a another sad note, the link to the annual Mental Illness Advocacy challenge has been deleted. I'm totally sad, because I love that one and it's a topic close to me. I discovered this not too long ago, and since I've already signed up, I don't know whether to go ahead and still read for it or not, because I know I will be reading books on this topic. It's bad enough when a challenge gets deleted before the year is over, but this one has been deleted before the year has even begun!

Reading will resume on Monday.


Sandra Cox said...

Have a wonderful new year filled with joyful reading and writing, Jamie.

Elephant's Child said...

I can never take the day off from reading. Even when commitments suggest I should.
At the moment I am reading a memoir by Amy Tan and was intrigued to read that she still finds writing each book as difficult as it ever was. Somehow I had expected it to get easier with practise.
Have a wonderful book filled year.