Sunday, August 5, 2018

Still More Stuff Cut Out

Yesterday during my memoir editing, it occurred to me to delete one chapter as I felt it was too repetitive of what I had already said. Some of the info contained in that chapter was moved to other chapters or to the epilogue. The page count and words count thus decreased even more. I've been printing the new chapters gradually since yesterday since I'm not sure how much paper I have for the printer and will have to get more soon. And I'm now wondering abut how much black ink I have right now.One of the things I get anxiety over while writing!

As always, I can not be certain how much more editing I need to do. But I think I've written all I want to say on the matter. Now I want to get on with my next thing, the diary sequel.

Still trying to find a title for my first diary novel, BTW. A few more that have just come to my mind:
Learning to Smile Again
A New Way to Smile


  1. I have difficulties with titles.
    I like A New Way to Smile though.

  2. Kudos on cutting. I find that difficult.