Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How to Enjoy Your Writing Time More

From writerslife.org:

When it comes to writing advice, much of our time is spent learning how to get better, accepting how to take criticism, and hearing about what a struggle being in the writing game is. We read countless articles about how difficult it is to write, and how impossible it is to get published, it’s no wonder this can have an impact on how much we enjoy writing.
But if we aren’t enjoying it, what’s the point in doing it? So here are some useful tips on how to better appreciate the process of writing itself.
Forget about the end goal
When it comes to writing it’s important to enjoy the process. If you keep focusing on the end goal of getting your book published, you could end up putting yourself under too much pressure or feeling like you are setting yourself an impossible task before you even begin. So focus on the process of writing, of the pleasure of crafting your story, and you’ll enjoy it so much more.
Get lost in your world
Writing is a beautiful way to express your creativity and create worlds and characters that are imaginative and powerful, that we can use as vehicles to express ourselves. Try to get lost in your world, to tap into your most creative and imaginative self and recognize how genuinely cathartic that can be.
Start small
Remember writing is a process and if you try to do too much too soon, you’ll only end up feeling like a failure. You can teach yourself how to get better at writing, take pleasure in the practice, give yourself small goals and congratulate yourself as you improve and hit new milestones along the way.
Create a writing routine
Writing will always be a struggle if you don’t make it part of your routine. While it may be tough at first, it is so worth trying to write every day or following a weekly writing schedule to ensure you keep up with doing it regularly. Once writing becomes part of your life, it will feel natural and relaxed and become so much more enjoyable as a result. Remember, the more you do something, the easier it gets.
Have a different perspective
Instead of focusing on yourself and how much you are enjoying your writing instead why not try to focus on what you can do to make the reading experience the best it can be for your readers? This switch in perspective can make you feel as though you are doing something selfless, and in doing so you are bound to feel good about yourself and how your writing improves too.
By following the above tips you can turn writing from a stressful and pressured experience into one that you enjoy, and since writing takes time and effort to do correctly, it’s essential that you do feel positive about it in the long run, and the more you enjoy your writing, the better and more natural it will become!
What do you do to make the process of writing more enjoyable? Share your comments here!
I must admit I have been slacking a little on writing, and even trying to blog here! I really want to get back on my diary novel and begin the sequel. It's weird how I can come up with an ice and be afraid to write it down (but most people get that way, I guess). I'll admit I find it somewhat easier to get lost in the world I'm trying to create that to get it written down sometimes. I should be enjoying this, and I do, but I'm just not doing it as much as I should be. But I'm going to try harder to make it happen. I now really need to push myself. 
I'm trying best to begin without worrying about how to end the story just yet. It will come in time.


  1. I have to remind myself regularly to enjoy the writing experience.

  2. I like the idea of starting small. The longest journey starts with one step after all.
    And I love the idea of focussing on enjoying the moment without looking to the end goal.

  3. Getting lost in your world...purrfect.