Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Haunted Wedding?

I saw this picture posted on Facebook yesterday. I just had to share it.

Are they perhaps suggesting decorating a plastic skeleton in wedding attire to display on your porch for Halloween? That could be interesting.

FYI, I have not seen any Halloween stuff in stores just yet, but suspect it will be up any time soon. It's not been unusual to see such merchandise going up in August. But I'm already trying to come up with costume ideas, thanks to emails from Spirit Halloween. And I'm eager to check soon to find where the nearest of their temporary stores will be this year, even though it's been years since I've gone to and bought anything from one of these stores. I prefer to use clothing and accessories from thrift stores to make my own costumes, though I've made no decisions yet, since it's only August.


Elephant's Child said...

Perhaps a less than subtle comment on Michael's own wedding?

Sandra Cox said...