Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Yep, that was today. Nothing bad or unlucky to report here. Just a lot of stormy weather today. Be warned however, that there are two more Friday the 13ths this year. The next one is in just one month, March and the last one for 2009 is in November. Yep, a Friday the 13th less than two weeks after Halloween this year. Four spooky days in one year. And did you know that the first day of the month falling on a Sunday means the the 13th will be on a Friday? Today at work, when we were signing for our paychecks, one coworker asked what today's date was and I reminded them that today was Friday the 13th and told them of the other two such dates occurring this year. Our store manager was glad it's not in June--as it was last year--since her birthday is June 10. Mine is January 11 and I can recall several times when my birthday was followed by a Friday the 13th, most recently in 2006.

BTW, I'm not superstitious, and have never seen the Friday the 13th movies. Not much into horror, save this flick. Wish I'd thought to watch that movie tonight, since I own it on DVD! I didn't even think of that till now and now it's getting quite late and I would not be able to watch something that long this late (it's 9PM West Coast time, as I type this blog). Maybe on one of the next two Friday the 13ths this year?

And I cannot right now think of any time when I thought something unlucky or bad happened on a Friday the 13th. There must not have been too many such incidents, or perhaps none at all :-) Today was Ok, except the stormy weather that kept me from starting my laundry today (but hey, we need some rain this winter). I didn't attempt to go to karaoke tonight because of the weather since it was much better to stay home and keep warm, but that's something else altogether.

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  1. I met my husband on the 13th, so we have always treated the number 13 as lucky rather than unlucky. We always pick it for Lotto numbers and raffle tickets, etc. And it's funny how it seems that when we do win something there is the 13 in the choices we made!! I like the Bingo call they use for 13, as it seems to apply to us "13 - lucky for some!"