Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stormy Sunday?

At least that's what they were predicting for today, but so far no rain has fallen and it's now 3PM (West Coast time). Nevertheless I stuck with my plan of staying home today in case of the predicted storm. I waited for the mail to come yesterday so I could mail some bills without having to go to the post office. Nevertheless I had some running around to do yesterday, including doing laundry at the laundromat and then going to the grocery store. Unfortunately, the parking lot was packed at Safeway so I headed over to Save Mart and then was able to get home. I'm glad I gat all this done yesterday, because even without the possible storm (as of yet) I'm glad to not have to any running around today and to be able to stay warm at home. I have to return to work tomorrow, so it's great to relax today. I'd gotten a movie from Netflix yesterday but didn't get around to watching it today, so that gave me one thing to do today.

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