Friday, February 6, 2009

Tried my hand at karaoke

For the first time I tried my hand at Karaoke despite the fact I've been convinced that I don't sing very well. A local bar in my hometown has Karaoke every Thursday and Friday night. I discovered this when I wandered down to this bar last Halloween night. I didn't attempt to sing then, but enjoyed watching. This past Friday night however, I wandered down to the bar again (I'd been wanting to go again for some time, but didn't get around to doing so until last week). A friend I'd met on Halloween encouraged me to try so I decided to give it a go. The Dj passed around a binder of song that were available to sing with, and patrons wrote down songs they wish to perform. The DJ would call then out patrons one-by-one. The microphone is cordless, allowing customers to sit or stand as they performed. The first song I performed was "It Ain't Me, Babe," in the style as performed by the Turtles. It of course, was written by Bob Dylan. Next was "You Belong to Me" by Carly Simon. Later was Argent's "Hold Your Head Up." My final song of the night, before I left at 12:30AM, was "Spooky," the original by the Classics IV. (Some trivia: the Atlanta Rhythm Section, who covered "Spooky" in 1979, was made up up several former members of the Classics IV.)

I am now eager to try this again and right now am waiting to pick up a co-worker who wanted to go to this bar. I plan to try karaoke again tonight, but my co-worker says she's afraid to try singing. Maybe someone will convince her to try, the way they did to me last week :-)

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